How to Play


Gamtoss is one of the leading Fantasy Sports platforms so an individual can showcase his/her skills by creating their team. Do proper analysis and choose the players accordingly. With this platform, fans can make the team of their favourite players, score the points as per the performance of their selected players and compete with other contestants.

If you have proper knowledge and skills of cricket game, nothing is required at all. With 100 credit, you can play real-life matches.

Simple Steps for Playing Fantasy Cricket at Gamtoss
  • Select A Contest: Check the list of available and upcoming matches to select your favourite one.
  • Make a Team: With the help of proper analysis and sports knowledge, make a powerful Gamtoss team form available 100 credit.
  • Participate in a Contest: At Gamtoss, we have build plenty of contests from small amounts to mega contests. So choose the best contest and win handsome rewards.
  • Check the Statistics: Watch the live cricket match to track your fantasy scoreboard. The scores are updated in the panel at every two minutes.
  • Quick Withdrawal: Check the amount in your wallet and with a single click, you can withdraw all your winning amount to your given account.


Make Your Gamtoss Team

Step 1: Choose A Match

In the home page, an individual can check a list of matches available. Choose the one you want to play. Click on the "Create Team" button.

Step 2: Create A Gamtoss Team

Make your Gamtoss team with the perfect combination from a budget of 100 credit. Here proper analysis and skills are required to create a perfect team that can win you a contest.

Type of Player Min. Selection Max. Selection
WK - Wicket Keeper 1 4
Bat - Batsmen 3 6
AR - All-Rounder 1 4
Bowl - Bowler 3 6
  • Important Note
    Make sure you choose the player by checking his points and credit because you only have 100 credit to choose the 11 players.

Step 3: Choose the Captain & Vice Captain

At the final stage of selection, choose a captain and vice captain. This is the crucial selection because,

  • Captain :
    The points gained by captain will be converted in to 2X
    (Example: If your captain make 1 run and gain 1 point, then it will be converted to two)
  • Vice Captain :
    The points gained by vice captain will be converted into 1.5X
    (Example: If your vice captain make 1 run and gain 1 point, then it will be converted to one and a half)

Step 4: Make Multiple Teams at Gamtoss

At Gamtoss, an individual can create up to 11 teams for a single match. And choose different contest with different teams as well as the same team.

Once you finish with one team create, click on "CREATE TEAM" if you want to create another team for the same match.

Step 5: Choose the Contest

Now when you are done with the team creation, it's time to choose the appropriate contest. You can choose the free contest if you are practicing or you can go with the paid contest if you are a PRO.

An individual can select a single contest as well as multiple contests from the available contests such as,

  • Grand Contest
  • Head To Head Contest
  • Popular Contests
  • Many More....

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